[thelist] Iconography - Common Elements

Scott Webster pippen at bigpond.net.au
Fri Mar 21 20:48:48 CST 2003

From: "Michele Foster" <michele at wordpro.on.ca>
: We're thinking to add some icons to our web site .. and when one rolls over
: them, the text will also be visible.  We're stuck on one, and I thought I'd
: ask if anyone has any good advice or favourite icons that resemble it.

: The tough one ..
: French (and alternatively English on the French site)
: This is a Canadian site so anything that relates specifically to
: France/Britain would be completely unacceptable :)
: One suggestion was a book (or a couple of books) .. but I don't think that
: really does it.

A beret? Where you get a beret icon from I don't know.... ;)


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