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There is a Mac version of ICQ and it can be downloaded or converted into
any language.  In searching info for you, I found some new features I
did not yet have and downloaded them.  I am using the 2003Pro edition.

Good Luck

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Here's one I haven't seen pass through the list.

I'm curious about general solutions and specific ones to this situation,
so pipe up if you have any good ideas.

Me and my client are separated by four hours of travel. At the client,
there are three people I need to meet regularly with. All are on iMac
OS9, I'm on W98. One of the three regularly works from home.

I've only just gotten into chat, tbh, and I see that Yahoo Messenger has
a 'conferencing' facility, so that might be useful.

But maybe there's more out there, what about being able to share images,
or whiteboarding. On the other hand, I think I want something simple ..
can you hear how early in the decision process this is? :-)

Anyway, does anyone have any recommendations of things I should try out.
As I say, not just for this Mac/Win combination, but generally.

Best regards

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