[thelist] validation problem

{ schaapy } list01 at theparagon.org
Mon Mar 24 08:08:41 CST 2003

How do I change this so that my page will validate? It's getting hung up on
the (name="center")

The page: http://www.theparagon.org/work/gmb/gallery.shtml

<a href="#" onmouseover="swtch(3,center)" onmouseout="swtch(3,center)">
<img src="img/gallery/zeeland_highschool/three.jpg" alt="Zeeland Building
Shot One" border="1"></a>

<img src="img/clear.gif" name="center" alt="">

Also - 
The left rail - the guy wants it to span from the top of the screen to the
bottom. Right now the rail only spans as far as the content next to it. How
can I make this 100%?

Aaron Schaap

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