[thelist] ASP Error Reporting

Chris Marsh chris at ecleanuk.com
Mon Mar 24 08:24:29 CST 2003


> > 4) Has anyone ever done anything similar?
> Yes.  I work on a large commercial site and every server 
> error generates an email to the site administrator (I am 
> registered as the admin on my test
> site) with all relevant details.  We also have a server log 
> of program activity which helps too, but the emails are invaluable.

Thanks for the response. However, I'm having more problems than I
anticipated. I haven't used the ASPError object extensively, so I did a
bit of research and thought I'd put together an ASP page to test the
theory. I looked at http://www.w3schools.com/asp/asp_ref_error.asp and
http://www.asphole.com/StoriesRead.ASP?ID=31, which seem to be
essentially the same. When I try to run either of them, I get no change
to the normal error page. is the test page on my server, and the
following is the code. Can anyone punt me in the right direction?


'The following line creates an error
dim i for i=1 to 1 next

'Call the GetLastError() method to trap the error
dim objerr
set objerr=Server.GetLastError()

'The variable objerr now contains the ASPError object
response.write("ASP Code=" & objerr.ASPCode)
response.write("<br />")
response.write("Number=" & objerr.Number)
response.write("<br />")
response.write("Source=" & objerr.Source)
response.write("<br />")
response.write("Filename=" & objerr.File)
response.write("<br />")
response.write("LineNumber=" & objerr.Line)

Muchos gracias...


Chris Marsh

"It's much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers
that might be wrong."    - Richard Feynman

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