[thelist] Iconography - Common Elements

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Mon Mar 24 09:03:50 CST 2003

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From: "Tara Cleveland" <tara at taracleveland.com>

> Well, the fleurs-de-lis is part of the Quebec flag (see here:
> http://www.gouv.qc.ca/Informations/Drapeau/Drapeau_en.html). But if I were
> Quebecois, I'd see the using the fleurs-de-lis for French and the Canadian
> flag for English, as more evidence of the English majority not considering
> Quebec as part of Canada. In this model, the Canadian flag stands for
> (specifically *English* Canada), and Quebec isn't included in it... but
> maybe I'm just sensitive.

Yeah, I agree 100% .. that would not be a good thing .. and will definitely
not happen. :)

I'll be working on the icons later today, I'll give the Fr / En one a try
and see what the client prefers.  We may end up using the full words in the

Thanks everyone, for the suggestions.  At least it wasn't just me that found
it a rather difficult task.  :)


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