[thelist] TIP: Homesite+ free with Dreamweaver MX

Raymond Camden ray at camdenfamily.com
Mon Mar 24 09:59:27 CST 2003

I believe it's the same differences of HS and CFS - I think only CFS
(and now HS+ 5.2) has the RDS integration and the database stuff. I've
never used HS (well, not for many years) so I can't say for sure. 

I believe the two main versions now are:

HS 5.2 ('normal' Homesite)
HS+ 5.2 (ColdFusion Studio)

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> >Be _sure_ to update your HS+ to the latest version. The 
> version on the 
> >CD has a crippled UI, however, the latest version is a darn fine 
> >version and has replace my Studio 5. In fact, you are pretty 
> safe just 
> >considering HS+ as CF Studio 5.02.
> How does HS+ compare to HS 5??
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