[thelist] Drifting Layers

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 24 11:32:22 CST 2003

> From: waxplanet at sunflower.com
> I have a co-worker who is trying to figure out how to do drifting
> layers as seen at:  http://www.glassdog.com. Make sure you scroll down
> to see the effect. Rather than a drifting "menu", he is trying to use
> dhtml to cause an area to change an image and text for each rollover. 

be careful how you use this one, too... look at what happens if you 
browser window viewable height is shorter than the height of the 
menu... and given that someone hard of seeing is more likely to 
have huge chrome on a lower resolution setting with larger fonts, 
you can see how impossible it may be to get to the links toward 
the bottom of the menu...

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  Web Graphics for Non-Designers
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