[thelist] Powerpoint to html

gabriel rivera evolt at protocol0.com
Mon Mar 24 11:34:57 CST 2003


You might consider trying apple's keynote, assuming you can get ahold of a
macintosh?  Keynote can import .ppt, and I'd bet that it will export much
more compliant html than powerpoint itself.

Worth a try, perhaps.


> Hi,
> I've got a bunch of powerpoint presentations that need to be converted.
> Using Microsoft's solution for turning ppt into html produces a file that
> doesn't work in Mozilla or Netscape 7.  I've been playing with W3C's
> slidemaker, but the documentation is so bad I don't have time to figure out
> whether or not I can use it to convert ppt files and then how to.... How do
> others on this list produce slides that work?  The files are full of images
> and are too long for me to manually convert to html.
> - chris

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