[thelist] Re: why fixing the font size is bad (info for a client)

Sarah poohbear at designshift.com
Mon Mar 24 15:31:30 CST 2003

> > ................. I guess I wasn't clear enough in my post.
>Ummm, those links *are* articles, just print 'em...
>         Mark Groen

(Hope the subject line is a bit clearer now.)

Mark, I understand, but the articles Rudy referred to seem more intended 
for web developers, rather than for laypeople who don't understand the 
difference between pixels, ems, keywords, etc. My client has indicated that 
they "want the site to look the same" no matter what browser, resolution, 
etc the user has. (I know this isn't possible, but the closest thing to 
what they do want involves setting a fixed font size in the stylesheet.) I 
want to point them to a few articles which explain, in terms a non-web 
developer can understand, why font sizes need to be resizeable in order for 
the site to be accessible. 

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