[thelist] Re: why fixing the font size is bad (info for a client)

Mark Groen mark at markgroen.com
Mon Mar 24 15:58:26 CST 2003

On March 24, 2003 at 17:31, Sarah wrote:

> client has indicated that they "want the site to look the same" no
Here's where you need to step into the conversation with your client and gently 
steer them to the idea that if a site has the same basic "framework" or layout and 
that part is well done, then it will *look* the same even to those that are resizing 
the fonts to maximum. Another tack is to do what a number of large sites do and 
that is to convince them to keep the nav elements fixed with the articles (or body 
of the site in your case?) using % or ems. A compromise, I know... 

> matter what browser, resolution, etc the user has. (I know this isn't
> possible, but the closest thing to what they do want involves setting
> a fixed font size in the stylesheet.)
Exactly, it just isn't *realistically* possible, so show 'em a couple designs that 
scale well from some big companies that will spend a lot more than your client 
will on focus groups and what works in real life: NY Times, Google, Yahoo, MSN,

> ............n terms a non-web developer can understand,
Oh, okay, it took a teeny bit of work for me... I've just groked/memorized/used the 
info and ideas in those articles pretty much verbatim and copied them into 
emails or included them in a conversation on the fly when talking to clients, still 
don't think there is anything more definitive than what Rudy.ca replied, it just 
takes a bit to work them into regular conversation... can't point you to like a 
Reader's Digest article style (I am Joe's FIxed Font) answer at the moment, 


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