[thelist] ASP Error Reporting

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Mon Mar 24 18:57:31 CST 2003

What type of errors do you want to handle?

For example, if you are talking about errors that cause the page to halt
execution (that the page can not recover from, due to problems in the
script), then create your own custom 500-100.asp error handling page. If you
look at the one that ships with IIS v5, you can see how it uses the
ASPErrorObject to report the line number, character position, various other
properties etc. You can log this info to a database (plus the HTTP Post,
Get, Referer etc), or email it to yourself. IIS v5 automatically does a
server.transfer to this page when it encounters an unhandled exception.

There are other errors that you can handle inline - for example you can

On Error Resume Next
intMyInt = CInt(myVariable)

If Err.Number <> 0 then
    ' Call Error Handler
    ' Proceed with current page execution
    intMyInt = intMyIntDefaultValue
End If

On Error Goto 0

by using a global error handling routine


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: Dear all
: I become increasingly frustrated with the lack of ability to accurately
: report problems seemingly inherent in anyone who agrees to test sites
: for me. An example of a bug report would be something along the lines of
: "There is some page in the products section that doesn't work. I went
: there once and there was this white page with writing on it"[0].
: Rather than bitch and moan about this and having already tried
: (abortively) to educate my testers I have decided to automatically
: report any errors to myself.
: My idea is to produce a COM object (COM rather than .NET because the
: only sites I will be using this on are ASP.OLD) that fires off an email
: to me full of information every time the page encounters an error. Thus,
: all I need to do is let the testers get on with it, and I receive all
: the information whenever an error is encountered. This idea only came to
: me on the bus this morning, so the reason for the post is to ask:
: 1) Does a free product already exists that does this?
: 2) Is this conceptually a good idea?
: 3) Can anyone see any immediate flaws?
: 4) Has anyone ever done anything similar?
: Any feedback would be appreciated.
: Regards
: Chris Marsh

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