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Mark Groen mark at markgroen.com
Mon Mar 24 19:09:15 CST 2003

> <tip type="toolbar favorites">
> This is probably obvious to many, but it took years of using IE to
> discover that you can create sub-folders in the Links toolbar
> (alt-a,o). This works for Mozilla too (ctrl-b) -- that's in fact how I
> discovered this was possible in IE. Great for organizing all those
> bookmarklets! 

Additional confirmation and update: just like any other proper "window -ing" GUI, 
you should be able to create folders and move files (favorites) around in that 
environment like any other Explorer object. The trick is in manipulating those 
once you are done, and the sweetest/easiest way I have found for your Favorites 
folder is with the kind people at:

Scroll down to the bookmarkwizard


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