[thelist] Layers and Scrollbars on Macs

Lucy Hawker lucy.hawker at easynet.co.uk
Tue Mar 25 05:33:18 CST 2003


I have a layer in a page with overflow set to auto.  I need a vertical
scrollbar to show, but not a horizontal one.  This is fine on a PC (in IE
6 - not sure about other browsers) but on a Mac the horizontal scrollbar
appears, even when there is nothing to scroll.

See: http://www.magical.me.uk/villanatura/healthAndPaint.htm

I have checked that the content of the layer (including the image) is not so
wide that the scroll bar is necessary.  I have even removed all the content
of the layer and just put line breaks in, but it still shows.

Does anybody know how to prevent the horizontal scroll bar from appearing?
I seem to remember having exactly the same problem when using iframes to
create a similar effect, so maybe this is just a problem on Macs?



Lucy Hawker
mailto:lucy.hawker at easynet.co.uk

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