[thelist] Layers and Scrollbars on Macs

Lucy Hawker lucy.hawker at easynet.co.uk
Tue Mar 25 06:30:12 CST 2003

Thanks, I've tried removing the width altogether, but the scrollbar still
seems to be there (although I'm having to get a friend to test it for me at
the moment, so can't check myself).

The general consensus seems to be that this 'just happens' on Macs, so
unless anyone can tell me otherwise I think I'll just have to ignore it?

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>I have a layer in a page with overflow set to auto.  I need a vertical
>scrollbar to show, but not a horizontal one.  This is fine on a PC (in IE 6
>- not sure about other browsers) but on a Mac the horizontal scrollbar
>appears, even when there is nothing to scroll.
>See: http://www.magical.me.uk/villanatura/healthAndPaint.htm

I *think* the culprit is the table with width=100%. It stretches all the way
up to the right border of the DIV, which is located *below* the vertical
scrollbar, thus causing the horizontal one. Try removing the width
altogether or giving it a lower value.

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