[thelist] NS7.2 on PWS

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Mar 25 10:33:42 CST 2003

Hi folks ..

Having a problem with NS trying to view locally, pws/iss (win2K).

The error is:

HTTP 401.3 - Access denied by ACL on resource
Internet Information Services

Googling turned up this article:

I did the first part, but I can't figure out where the second part to point
5 is:
NOTE: You also have to give the user account the Log on Locally right to
allow Basic authentication.

After checking the "basic authentication" .. NS now asks me for a

Never had these probs with win98 .. I turned off zonealarm too just in case
that was what was causing the problem, reinstalled NS and rebooted.  Still
no go. :(



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