[thelist] Generating an FLA file from a SWF file

Steve Hasz steve at roatanet.com
Tue Mar 25 12:00:31 CST 2003

Dear Group,

One of my customers has had another web firm they were using on some
projects and that web firm went out of business.  That seems to happen about
twice a year.  Anyway, the customer's website is down, the web developer's
site is down and all we have is the website on CD, with an SWF file for the
navigation portion.  The old web developer is now a tree farmer or something
and as far as I can tell, has no working email address.

The customer wants to make changes to the nav bar.  Is there a way to open
the SWF file and make changes?   It seems I read something about a utility a
while back, but not sure where and I couldn't find it.

Personally, I'd say just remake the nav with rollovers and no Flash,
duplicating the functionality, but the client likes one little animation up

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