[thelist] Generating an FLA file from a SWF file

Atul atul79 at rogers.com
Tue Mar 25 17:20:26 CST 2003

I haven't tried any of these programs but a quick search ("swf to fla") on 
produced these results.

Have a look. And if you find anything useful please advice appropriately to 
the group.

Good Luck

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At 07:00 PM 25/03/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear Group,
>One of my customers has had another web firm they were using on some
>projects and that web firm went out of business.  That seems to happen about
>twice a year.  Anyway, the customer's website is down, the web developer's
>site is down and all we have is the website on CD, with an SWF file for the
>navigation portion.  The old web developer is now a tree farmer or something
>and as far as I can tell, has no working email address.
>The customer wants to make changes to the nav bar.  Is there a way to open
>the SWF file and make changes?   It seems I read something about a utility a
>while back, but not sure where and I couldn't find it.
>Personally, I'd say just remake the nav with rollovers and no Flash,
>duplicating the functionality, but the client likes one little animation up
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