[thelist] function_id

Russell Griechen russgri at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 25 23:44:50 CST 2003

> ----WabbitHunters
> Breeder
> i don't understand why Owner is a subcategory of FoxHunters

Muddled thinking...from banging my head against monitor....

> how many people are you going to record in this table?
> i'll bet BIGINT is several orders of magnitude too big

In the millions...if I can grant users permissions to enter data...I mean if
I am able to learn how to...
a lot of it exists now...about 600.000 comma delimited
> > *? Walker is also a Sportsman, Breeder, Owner,Foxhunter, WabbitHunter
> > *How is this coded?
> rudy

Thanks a lot rudy...That really helped.

Russell Griechen.....stay tuned

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