[thelist] Neat trick -- how'd they do it?

Carol Stein techwatcher at accesswriters.com
Wed Mar 26 07:22:53 CST 2003

Hi, guys --

I received a link to this site: <http://www.forusa.info/news/>. When I got
there, there were thumbnails of some local cartoons. I couldn't read the
labels, so I clicked on a thumbnail to read it. That took me to a slide
with forward and back buttons. Mentally sighing, because I hate pressing
the back button repetitively when I wander far from the starting point, I
used the arrows to see all the cartoons... Then, I pressed the browser's
back button (using K-Meleon, btw) -- and my browser's back button DROPPED
DOWN a list of all the pages on that site that I'd looked at, including the

Is this a function of whatever they used to create the slideshow; it
interfaces with my browser's back button? Does this happen for all
browsers? It's neat!

Cheers --

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