[thelist] Re: Neat trick -- how'd they do it?

Benjer futureweb at macmail.com
Wed Mar 26 08:32:19 CST 2003

On 26/3/03 2:14 pm, "Stephanie C. Smith" <scsmith at medicine.tamu.edu> wrote:

> And it does work in IE5/OS X -- as soon as you've left your home page,
> you should see tiny black down arrows in the back/forward icons when you
> hover over them. Hold down the mouse button and the history list pops
> up.

Sorry crossed wires.... Yes that¹s been there for a few releases.

>Is this a function of whatever they used to create the slideshow; it
>interfaces with my browser's back button? Does this happen for all
>browsers? It's neat!

I presumed it was something that wasn¹t happening on mine. Some crazy
function. Apols.


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