[thelist] Caching style sheets

Rob Whitener rwhitener at DesignOptions.com
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I may be way off the mark, but can you use a nocache with a meta tag? Or do
these have no bearing on external files such as CSS and JS files.


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I just had a horrible experience -- I was showing a co-worker something on
our website and I noticed some styling information was not being presented
properly. The problem turned out to be that her browser's cache settings was
causing it to use a cached copy of my external style sheet. Changes that I
had made over the last month were not showing up. A refresh fixed the
problem but how can I avoid this with other users? 

With hyperlinks and images, I employ the bogus querystring hack (appending
something like "nocache=032603" to the end of a link) to a recently changed
page when it is crucial that they see the updated version. Obviously
changing the style sheet link tags in all my pages whenever I make a change
to the style sheet is not practical and defeats one of the main reasons for
having external style sheets in the first place. There is probably a simpler
solution but I can't think of it. Ideas?

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