[thelist] overflow scrollbars

Sam sam at sam-i-am.com
Wed Mar 26 10:16:49 CST 2003

A number of people have been working on the same problem. (incorrect
scrollbars in MacIE5 using overflow: auto)

This was my stab at it: 

By adding padding-right (for just MacIE5) I was able to get the
unnecessary horizontal scrollbars to go away. The significance of the
16px is that it's the width of the scrollbar in that browser. 
This came up on css-discuss (probably repeatedly) - did anyone archive
the thread? 


Jason Handby wrote:
> Jeff wrote:
> > well, start by using auto instead of scroll.  at least then it'll
> > only show
> > the scrollbars that are necessary.  however, if you want to control the
> > horizontal scroll bar completely independent of the vertical, you
> > could use
> > some ie-specific extensions -- overflow-x and overflow-y.
> Maybe this is also the solution to Lucy Hawker's problem (see "Layers and
> Scrollbars on Macs" earlier today). If it's IE on the Mac that she's trying
> to fix then I guess she can set overflow-x and overflow-y appropriately so
> as to allow a vertical scrollbar and suppress the horizontal one...?
> Jason

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