[thelist] Layers and Scrollbars on Macs

Lucy Hawker lucy.hawker at easynet.co.uk
Wed Mar 26 10:42:39 CST 2003

> It can be solved. Usually the horizontal scrollbar appears because some
> content stretches underneath the vertical scrollbar. Giving the
> entire DIV a
> padding-right of about 20px, or giving all content elements a
> margin-right
> of 20px, usually helps.

Having borrowed a Mac to test on, I've solved it (well, pretty much)!  I
realised that the layer with the red logo in had it's width set to 100%.  On
removing this, and setting it to the width of the scrollable layer minus the
width of a scroll bar (16px) it works fine.

Here is the working page:

I would rather remove the width altogether, but then it just resizes the
layer to width of the content in it, and I need the background colour set.
I tried using overflow-x only, but this doesn't seem to be supported by ie5
on a mac.

However, the only problem with this is that I will sometimes be using
dynamic content taken from a database.  In these occations I won't know for
sure whether the page will need to scroll or not.  If the page doesn't
scroll, I loose the background colour of my top logo.

See: http://www.magical.me.uk/villanatura/biofa/TestFrame.htm

Any suggestions how to get round this?!



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