[thelist] download.com.com

noah noah at tookish.net
Wed Mar 26 18:08:36 CST 2003

At 06:56 PM 26/03/2003, Paul Bennett wrote:
>Enlighten me:
>how can "download.com" be "download.com.com"?
>I was under the impression that when registering a domain that you were 1) 
>not allowed any periods in the domain name and, 2) you are not allowed to 
>use any country codes (eg you can't buy "nz.co.nz") or top-level domains 
>as part (or all) of your domain name.
>Does CNet just have friends in high places?

No, I think they just own the domain "com.com" -- download.com.com is just 
a subdomain of com.com.


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