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Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Wed Mar 26 18:23:16 CST 2003

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> Enlighten me:
> how can "download.com" be "download.com.com"?
> I was under the impression that when registering a domain 
> that you were 
> 1) not allowed any periods in the domain name and, 
> 2) you are not allowed to use any country codes (eg you can't
> buy "nz.co.nz") or top-level domains as part (or all) of your
> domain name.

The Domain Name is "com.com" (don't you wish you had it?) They've
just made a sub-domain with "download." just like you could 
create one with "download.teltest.com".

About "nz.com.nz" - legal. But available? Probably not. Newer
registrars have reserved all the 2-letter DNs and even a bunch
of 3-letter DNs. You could register "teltest.us" and then, on
your server, use "us.teltest.us", or current set up 
"com.teltest.com", or "us.teltest.com" - well, you understand.


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