[thelist] Neato Domain Name (WAS: download.com.com)

Jeniffer C. Johnson lead at offlead.com
Wed Mar 26 20:47:16 CST 2003

At 06:47 PM 3/26/2003, liorean wrote:
>Kevin Isom wrote:
>>Nope,not friends, they own the domain com.com, and download.com.com is a
>>subdomain. IMHO it's kinda stupid and a bit confusing, but hey, it's their
>I think it's quite brilliant - they've gotten around one of the most usual 
>problems with urls - that people add .com one time too many. It's the same 
>as many companies that register commonly mistypes, like gogle.com-->google.com.

I've always liked the domain of a favorite local band, Brave Combo. They've 
been together for decades, and really must have snagged their domain early.

Their URL? http://www.brave.com/bo


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