[thelist] Tools: Text Cleaning Utilities?

Mike H ironmike at inav.net
Wed Mar 26 23:46:41 CST 2003

Ther award-winning editor NoteTab does all that and much more. Free, cheap and Pro versions (Pro is only US$ 29.95, I believe).
Several support forums, etc. A "clip" language allows programming custom uses, automating tasks, etc.


Mike Hopkins
ironmike at inav.net

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> I've been looking for a good, dedicated, light weight application to clean
> up text for the PC.
> Typical examples might be to unwrap, re-wrap and give multiple levels of
> quote indentation in an email. Or cleaning up text copied from a web page,
> or handling text that was encoded using line breaks from another system
> (*nix, PC, Mac)., converting styled text to plain, and so on...

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