[thelist] how object oriented is php4

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> The features that I notice missing from it vs., say Python or Java:
> interfaces (Java)/multiple inheritance (Python)
> class variables
> differentiation between class and object methods

Static Variables and methods (Java) (is that the same thing as your last
two? I havent come across that terminology before.)
Private variables and methods (Java)

(If anyone would care to correct me, I'd be very grateful, I'm sorely
missing the latter.)

The Former I dont find so important, but the Latter is in terms of data
protection. It also helps enforcing proper interfaces. I've adopted a naming
convention of "private" before the name of each var and method I want to
keep private.

And rember PHP uses copy semantics not reference ones.

This means:

$a = new myObject;
$b = $a;

means you actually have two copies of the object, one pointed to from $b and
one pointed to from $a.

You need to use $b =  &$a.


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