[thelist] dhtml scrolling layers - relative position?

Kevin Cannon p+evolt at redbrick.dcu.ie
Thu Mar 27 10:02:46 CST 2003

Has anyone managed to get one of these little things working,                      
and positiong relatively?                                                          
Example of an absolutely positioned one:                                           
Relative one:                                                                      
The relative one works, but try changing anything much about it and it just        
goes crazy.                                                                        
I'm wondering if there's any kind of cross browser way to do it, as the site       
will hopefully have things centered.                                               
I'm thinking maybe I could use negative margins and stuff like that,               
but I was hoping to make this work in NS4.                                         
Why, oh why didn't the w3c allow us to use graphics instead of system widgets.     
This would be so much easier & asscessable!                                        
- Kevin  

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