[thelist] SS Include question

Jamie Bakum jamie.bakum at circle.com
Thu Mar 27 10:30:30 CST 2003

Hi -

I'm working on a quickie html site for a friend, using simple file 
includes to add the header, footer and a left nav section. The files 
parse correctly when they are all in the same directory, but as soon 
as I put my .shtml files into sub-directories, the includes don't 
show up. I've verified that: my syntax is correct, my paths are 
correct (and relative and absolute paths don't make a difference) 
that my server supports SSI (and recognizes .shtml files) and the 
directories I'm working in have proper permissions. A more talented 
co-worker has replicated the same problems on his Apache server.

I realize without seeing the code it may be hard to point to just 
what I've messed up, but I was wondering if this might be the type of 
problem where some here might go, "ahh, sounds like you need to <do 
some action> to your <some noun>. I'm confused that it seems to be 
working "some" of the time...

Thanks - Jamie

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