[thelist] netscape 7 + neg. z-indexes

liorean liorean at f2o.org
Thu Mar 27 12:10:59 CST 2003

matt s. wrote:
> hmm. Actually, I have one div set to -1, and then the one above it set
> to 0. Could that be the
> problem? Is 0 not recognized as a z-index?

0 is a recognised z-index, but z-indices are hierarchical...

Take this XML tree, for instance:

   <top style="z-index: 2;" id="t1">
     <bottom style="z-index: 0;" id="t1b1">
     <bottom style="z-index: 3;" id="t1b2">
   <top  style="z-index: 1;" id="t2">
     <bottom style="z-index: -1;" id="t2b1">
     <bottom style="z-index: 4;" id="t2b2">

The top elements are z-indiced relative to each other because they have 
no enclosing z-index, but the bottom elements are relative to only those 
inside the same z-indiced element as themselves.

So, sorting order when it comes to z-indices comes to the following:


NOT the order most people would assume, which is that all play on the 
top level:


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