[thelist] Website Critique

Chris H chris123 at magma.ca
Thu Mar 27 12:48:24 CST 2003

On March 27, 2003 10:57 am, James wrote:
> Oops!
> http://www.chateaugc.com

Really nice job. Well done. 

Please take my comments with a grain of salt as I mostly listen to learn on 
this list. This is a new area for me that I need to learn quickly ( the 
basics anyway) as I have a few projects comming up where this data will be 

1. Accessibility issues: 
	- scalable fonts 
	- background color selection 
	- text browser accessible

Fonts are not scaleable but no one is doing this yet at least from what I have 
seen other then some demos 

Background color selection makes it really hard to access for the visualy 
impaired, then again target audience needs to be considered

Text browser accessible...really nice. Even the tables render

For other compliance standards see w3c. 

2. Sizing issues:

Header graphic 

Header graphic...is static. Not really an issue until you expand the browser 
window bast the designated width.  Then it looks kinda funki..:) I am not 
sure what the best pratice is yet. Other may offer more commentary. 

Content length

>From what I have been reading and researching Im starting to agree that 
content such as in the center column should be of a max length relative to 
the overal page design, with links to the next section. From a UI and 
usability prespective it seems to work better.

Hope that helps


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