[thelist] dynamic generated content breaking my pages!

Koutoulas, Pete PKOUTOUL at Fayette.k12.ky.us
Thu Mar 27 13:45:35 CST 2003

On Thursday, March 27, 2003 12:11 PM, Nicky Thompson wrote:

> What astounds me (perhaps it shouldn't?) is that while I write this:
> <p class=pad> $content </p>
> so that anything in $content is also inside my styled P tags and
> should abide by those rules (I think it should, anyway) that isn't
> happening - At the first p tag of the generated content it defaults
> to ... um, default (ie, minus my nice margins etc.)

Your html is invalid if there are <p> tags in the content because you cannot
nest paras. (At least, I think that's correct.) At any rate, the solution is
to style a <div> rather than a <p>. IOW:

<div class="pad"> $content </div>

Should work. And do use the quotes. Cheers.

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