[thelist] SS Include question

edc edc at wnc.quik.co.nz
Thu Mar 27 14:30:37 CST 2003

Not sure whether I am answering your question but when you refer to relative
and absolute path names have you tried the absolute and relative path names
returned by the apache environment variables, NOT the normal folder/file
path names, ie usr/etc

Michael Ensor
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: Hi -
: I'm working on a quickie html site for a friend, using simple file
: includes to add the header, footer and a left nav section. The files
: parse correctly when they are all in the same directory, but as soon
: as I put my .shtml files into sub-directories, the includes don't
: show up. I've verified that: my syntax is correct, my paths are
: correct (and relative and absolute paths don't make a difference)
: that my server supports SSI (and recognizes .shtml files) and the
: directories I'm working in have proper permissions. A more talented
: co-worker has replicated the same problems on his Apache server.
: I realize without seeing the code it may be hard to point to just
: what I've messed up, but I was wondering if this might be the type of
: problem where some here might go, "ahh, sounds like you need to <do
: some action> to your <some noun>. I'm confused that it seems to be
: working "some" of the time...
: Thanks - Jamie
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