[thelist] dynamic generated content breaking my pages!

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Mar 27 15:33:28 CST 2003

> What astounds me (perhaps it shouldn't?) is that while I write this:
> <p class=pad> $content </p>
> so that anything in $content is also inside my styled P tags and should
> abide by those rules (I think it should, anyway) that isn't happening - At
> the first p tag of the generated content it defaults to ... um, default
> (ie, minus my nice margins etc.)

the first P encountered closes the <p class=pad>

you can get around this by defining the styles that you currently
have in the pad class to the P tag itself

of course, then it will apply to all Ps in the document

you can get around this by defining a div for your content Ps

e.g.   #content p { styles here }

this, in turn, might mean that you have to insert

   <div id="content>

around your content area


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