[thelist] Website Critique

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Thu Mar 27 15:31:45 CST 2003

Well... I suppose my two cents are in order. I had some objections to the
site. I didn't realize it was a golf site until about a good 10-15 seconds
into the site (after it was loaded). What tipped me off was because of the
score cards. One of the very few graphics on the site.

Content looks good, organization of data looks good. But as far as selling
me a membership, not good. I want to see the course. All the details, in my
mind and what you have on the site, should come after the user has had a
chance to view some of the holes. Forgive me if I missed them and they're
actually there.

I like the comment made for the background color or tint for the form for
contact. I believe a nice beige or light tan would complement the color
scheme quite nicely. 

One last thing that bugged me. Is it a fixed width or floating site. Your
home (all) page graphics is some trees at the top. They just stop while some
pages have floating text. Quite distracting actually. Also, the contact
information at the bottom of the page is centered on the page. Once again,
which is it? floating or fixed.


On March 27, 2003 10:57 am, James wrote:
> Oops!
> http://www.chateaugc.com

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