[thelist] Website Critique

Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Thu Mar 27 16:07:07 CST 2003

Message from James (3/27/2003 09:57 AM)

At first glance the site looks good James. Clean layout, appealing colour 
scheme. Closer examination rooted out a few comments though.

One minor nitpick is that the green used for hovered links does not fit in 
with the site's of the earthy colour scheme.

In your body text you should consider placing the text within <p></p> tags 
rather than using multiple <br> tags to create paragraph spacing.

Why not have the <title> be "Chateau Golf and Country Club" rather than the 
much less distinctive "Chateau-Welcome to Chateau"?

In Opera 7 for some reason the right floated logo is causing a large gap to 
appear between the quote right-end div. The gap is the height of the image, 
screenshot available. Again, using <p></p> solves that problem (not 
noticeable in IE or Moz)

I had problems reading the content as I found the text size too small. I 
noticed that you also opted to specify your font sizes in pixels. Would 
have prevented me from resizing the font in IE.

Underscores in CSS selectors are permissible now, but were not in the past. 
You should avoid them as some browsers may still interpret them incorrectly.

Due to the width of the site most users will probably have to scroll 
horizontally to view the entire site.

And finally, NN4, unsurprisingly does awful things to your site. Whether 
you care to address that is your decision.


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