[thelist] Website Critique

James jveillo at bellsouth.net
Thu Mar 27 16:51:51 CST 2003

I still have a few more sections of the club to put up -tennis, swimming,
dining . . .

My idea was to have the basic navigation at the top and have each section's
navigation along the side. Good idea?

Again, thanks for everyone's input.

jveillo at bellsouth.net

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> James wrote:
> > Oops!
> >
> > http://www.chateaugc.com
> Looks pretty good. Not the colors I would choose, but they're not *bad*,
> se.
> The "Map/Directions" page looks a little funky in comparison to everything
> else -- the text should stay within the right-hand margin that you've
> controlled nicely elsewhere. As it is, it squirts out to the edge of my
> browser window.
> It also might be nice to bump the background image on the left-hand nav
> a bit, so that it's not getting jumbled in with the nav links.
> Depending upon the client's needs, you might also want to consider
> up some of it into smaller pages, with less vertical scroll.
> ("Rules/Regulations" in particular.)
> Also, per rudy's notes, you could probably strip down to a single nav
> Overall, smooth and clear. Nicely done.
> --
> David Wagner
> dave at worlddomination.net

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