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Debbe Watson debbe1 at swbell.net
Thu Mar 27 17:02:23 CST 2003

Perhaps these will help to inspire a lighter more elegant look:





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On Thu, 27 Mar 2003, James wrote:
> http://www.chateaugc.com

Overall I think it looks very nice.  Though I'm very fond of earthtones
thought maybe the brown was a little overpowering.  Add in a brighter
accent color, or make the picture at the top brighter or less brown.

I only play golf in video games, but usually when I think of golf or
courses, I think of sunshine, green grass, blue water, sandy sand.  The 
overall color tone is a bit draining in contrast to those things.

The other thing that struck me is that a lot of the pages are a bit
compared to the header; they could be widened a bit.  Then the
page is wider than the header and doesn't seem to match the format.

Overall, pretty minor stuff.  Good work!

Kelly Hallman

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