[thelist] ASP & weird variables...

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Mar 27 18:42:43 CST 2003

Somewhere in the page the local variable backgroundcolor is being set. This
might be in an #include file, or in a routine (function or sub) that is
being called someplace.

You could either do a search through the file, or you can use a debugger to
step through the code. Set a breakpoint at the first line, then step through
everything until you find what you want.


From: "Erik Bennett" <ebennett at ecasd.k12.wi.us>
Subject: [thelist] ASP & weird variables...

: Probably not the most descriptive subject, but hopefully this will pull
: the ASP heads in. :-)
: As I've stated before, I'm "enhancing" a web application for our new
: helpdesk software. The thing is, all of their pages set background colors
: and such with variables. (You know, bgcolor="<% = backgroundcolor %>") but
: yet, I can't find where these are coming from. They're not being set
: the page. I checked the frame pages (yes, it's stuck in frames) and I
: find where it's coming from in there either. They use cookies, so is it
: possible all that info could be stored in a cookie? The other odd thing
: when you call a page on it's own without the frames, it still displays the
: proper backgrounds and fonts. But mine won't! ARGH!
: So, does anyone know how I can find out where these variables are coming
: from? I'm totally lost.


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