[thelist] Client Problem

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Mar 27 20:44:45 CST 2003

This is a huge issue actually .. and you're not the first one to bring it up
.. perhaps not on list list ;)

I *really* do wish the admins would take this seriously and with the
tremendous amount of knowledge on this list, there's got to be a way to fix
this problem and others like it.

I know advice has been in the past to use tinyurl or equivalent instead of a
"real" url .. but that doesn't help whatsoever past posts.

So, is there a workable solution?  Can something be done to fix past
"errors".  I love the archives, but this is really bad.

Can evolt archives be searchable only from within a controlled search?  i.e.
don't allow search engines to search?  Perhaps requiring login to the
archives, freely given out of course.

Derry, sorry I can't help with your particular situation .. I feel for ya.


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From: "Derry Talvain" <derry at artema.com.au>


> Now I am having another problem in that the client has done a search on
> his website and the actually evolt posts come up in the google results
> for his site (I published the address in my emails so others could look
> at it). He is really unhappy about it and about the content of the
> emails as some members on the list really criticised him and he really
> does not want anyone to read them.

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