[thelist] new WHOIS fields

Aleem Bawany aleem.bawany at utoronto.ca
Thu Mar 27 19:56:37 CST 2003

>> Verisign recently added 3 new fields to the WHOIS
>> records, namely: Status, Creation Date, Expiration Date
> [...]
> weren't the last two always there?
> and i don't see Status on a lookup on my domain... when's
> it supposed to kick in?  where'd you hear about this?

I never saw either of those three on my domain, or most other
domains up until recently, and curiosly went googling to run
into this:

[not a very credible source, but sounds about right to me from my

Also on the page: "Verisign's .ORG registry is now run by PIR.org and
will be operated as a thick registry. Thick Registries already display
this information. Most new Registries are operated as thick"

So I suppose, depending on whom your domain is registered through would
effect your WHOIS record.


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