[thelist] webreview.com

Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Thu Mar 27 21:01:56 CST 2003

Message from Saila, Craig (3/27/2003 02:03 PM)
>Marc Seyon wrote:
> > Anyone else notice webreview.com seems to have disappeared and the
> > url is now redirecting to ddj.com?
>Yeah, it's kinda disturbing -- Dr. Dobb's Journal offers no real Web
>development content, and breaks all the old links. For those interested,
>you can still get to the old WebReview via the Internet Archive (of
>course, it's more than a year out of date)

Follow-up on this.

Appears you can access the old content on the ddj.com site still. Change 
urls from
www.webreview.com/[path] to www.ddj.com/webreview/[path]



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