[thelist] Client Problem

Derry Talvain derry at artema.com.au
Thu Mar 27 22:01:19 CST 2003

I must admit as soon as I realised what was going on I could think of a
lot of solutions to how to post in future - but I really need a solution
for the previous posts.

It is pretty bad because one of the respondents to my post actually said
that my client was an idiot for requesting what he had and he also went
into the site noticed that the client was collaborating with another
corporation and completely pilloried them as well for being involved
with him.

We are talking about major players in the industry they are in here, not
small or even medium business and if you search by the product or the
website name the number 2 listing is emails calling them both idiots.

No being careful in the future is going to undo the damage that post is
having - only removing the references to my client and their partner


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On Thu March 27 2003 6:15 pm, Derry Talvain wrote:
> It is certainly something for others to consider when asking questions
> on this list (if there hasn't already been a thread on this).

As a subcontractor, I usually do not post queries about sites unless I
the primary contractor/client's permission. Then, I usually have the
site in 
a test area -- for example: http://me.com/testing/.

This is a public mail list, not private correspondence and it's too bad
in trouble now. You might want to find a test area to post pages/files
critique and/or troubleshooting so as to avoid this problem in the
You may also want to reconsider what you write and/or ask regarding a

I don't run the list or have anything to do with it other than to use it
learn from it. But, my approach to this and any other list has always
been to 
try and post only those things that are meant for public record.
it's like that spilled milk -- once it's spilled, all you can do is try
mop it up.

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