[thelist] Client Problem

Jeniffer C. Johnson lead at offlead.com
Thu Mar 27 22:57:53 CST 2003

>I have no suggestions on how to undo the damage done in your case, unless
>you can get some administrative help in removing those posts from the
>archives, or removing the offending terms/names.  Then, wait for the
>search engines to realize the change, in their typical slothly manner.

Slothly indeed. I discovered last year that in a search for the company I 
work for (the day job), my resume came up FAR higher in the rankings than 
the company's website. In fact, a couple of resumes ranked higher than 
their site. But mine was the highest ranked resume (I managed the number 2 
ranking on google for the company name for over 3 months), and I was the 
only current employee in the lot. When the second in command of the company 
noticed, as I knew she eventually would, she was not amused in the least, 
but I'd already done what I could, including moving my resume to a 
different location on my site, dropping a robot.txt file in to try to keep 
it from being crawled, and urging my direct supervisor to do something 
about putting meta info into the company site, and other optimization tips, 
so it would rank higher than it did. This last finally did occur, though 
far later than it should have. Upon checking tonight, the company site gets 
the number 2 ranking on google, sitting nicely amongst press releases about 
business wins, and info on open positions we've currently got. My resume is 
now again available to search engines, and ranks safely back on page two.

It hadn't occurred to me that the list archives were appearing on search 
engines. (It should have, but it didn't.) I'll certainly be cautious in the 
future about what names or URLs I use when posing questions.


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