[thelist] one flash detection script for multiple pages?

unruly mongrel unrulymongrel at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 27 23:17:57 CST 2003

Hi brilliant people.

I have a large site (over 300 pages).  Maybe 20 of those 300 pages (so far) 
have Flash 6 movies on them.  I don't want to have to require that users of 
my site have Flash to view my site, in general, given the low percentage of 
Flash content.  So it seems what I'd need to do if users want to view those 
few Flash-pages is:

1.  create the page with the Flash movie
2.  have a lead-in, Flash detection page the user would visit first
3.  upon qualification, the use would be directed to the page with the Flash 

But this means I'd have one Flash detection page for every page with a Flash 
movie on it.  So perhaps I'd set up a (flash_detect) folder and have 
(page1_detect.htm, page2_detect.htm....) inside the folder, each detect page 
linked to its correlating destination page.

But could there be a simpler way to do this?  Much like you can compress 
functions in javascript into arrays (I'm merely a code-adapter, forgive me 
if that sounded funny), could there be a way perhaps that if a user clicked 
on a link to go to a certain page, maybe some sort of cookie-type thing 
would get logged, whereby it'd go to only ONE flash_detect.htm.  That 
flash_detect.htm would notice what cookie-type thing came along with the 
referring link, and automatically direct the next link towards the correct 

Am I making any sense?  Is this possible?

Thank you to all the snazzy people who've given me helpful feedback in the 


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