[thelist] Checking DNS of an ISP

Scott Harman scott at enteractiontv.com
Fri Mar 28 02:31:55 CST 2003

Hmmmm - question... Is he running Win2k, active directory?

In which case he will manually have to add the A record.  Internal DNS
servers will check internally first - most often not even checking for
an external record if a record cannot be found in internal DNS.
Only thing I can think of I'm afraid!

(Don't worry - it took Cap Gemini IT support 3 weeks to finally agree
with me, after coming up against exactly the same issue with one of my
clients! ;))

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Hi, I have a customer who connot see his web site (hosted in a virtual 
hosting server which I resell) in his local network. Outside his local 
network the site loads quickly.

I believe the problem has to do with his ISP DNS or even his local 
network DNS, but I don't know how to prove that. How could he check 
this in Windows, i.e. how could he verify that his domain name is not 
misconfigured in his local network or his ISP's?

If he does traceroute all he gets is slight delays, but via http the 
site takes ages to load, so my guess is some local misconfiguration of 
DNS, either in his local network or his ISP.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


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