[thelist] dhtml scrolling layers - relative position?

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Fri Mar 28 01:03:12 CST 2003


> From: Kevin Cannon
> > so, i'm guessing from that last comment that a div with
> > overflow set to auto isn't what you're looking for?
> Unfortunately not.
> I'm not designing this site, and the request was custom
> scrollbars, which afaik, overflow: auto doesn't allow me.


that sucks.

obvious they don't care about accessibility.

or usability.

just that designerz look.

bet they do alot of print.


<tip type="UX" author=".jeff">

if you're going to duplicate a widget users are accustomed to using, be very
careful to study all the possible behaviors that widget exposes and mirror
them in your custom widget.  take the scrollbar, for example.  if the
viewing pane is larger than the contents the scrollbars aren't active.  if
the viewing pane is smaller than the contents, either horizontal, vertical,
or both scrollbars are active.  the size of the scrollbar is in proportion
to the amount of content outside the viewing pane.  clicking the arrows at
either end of the scrollbar moves it in that direction a defined amount.
clicking between the scrollbar and an arrow button causes the scrollbar to
"jump" a defined amount.  clicking and holding an arrow button causes the
scrollbar to move in precisely defined increments until it has either
reached the button being clicked or the user releases the button, whichever
comes first, same with clicking and holding between the scrollbar and either
button.  right-clicking the scrollbar gives a context menu with options like
scroll here, top, bottom, page up, page down, scroll up, scroll down, etc.
the arrow keys replicate the same behavior as clicking the arrows.  page
up/down keys replicate the behavior of clicking between the scrollbar and
the buttons.  the user can click and drag the scrollbar.  ctrl+home,
ctrl+end.  etc. etc. etc.




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