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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 28 08:05:54 CST 2003

> From: "Derry Talvain" <derry at artema.com.au>
> <snip>this list is publicly archived, has been all along, and says so
> on the signup page...</snip>

man, you gotta use the brackets, these <snips> are hard to find...

> Does it? I have been searching the sign up page and I can't see it. It
> mentions that there are archives but doesn't say anything more than
> that.

ok, sorry, it doesn't *explicitly* say that, but there is a link to the 
archives, and you're not asked to log in... and, after all, we are 
professionals who understand how the web works, so yeah, i'd say 
it's pretty clear...

obviously, we need to say more for some, and i guess i just never 
thought that people *wouldn't* figure that out...

it's like opening the packet of peanuts on the airplane that says, 
"warning: may contain nuts."

> <snip>and asking people not to use the name of the site in their
> critiques 
> can help, but hey, they're only people, they'll forget...</snip>
> Is there a list etiquette available as part of the subscription
> process that points out this flaw? If not there should be. I don't
> remember this being pointed out to me. 

it's not a flaw, that's something you can just ask people to do... 
whether or not they choose to, however, is up to them... that's not 
codified etiquette, either, considering that this is a public forum...

> I posted with a url address because I was copying the format others
> were using and assumed that was standard procedure.  If you don't list
> a url the first question you are asked is - 'could you send a url'.
> There are plenty making the same mistake - they should be warned. The
> punishment in this case way outweighs the crime.

yes, a URL is required for a critique (otherwise how to critique?), 
but that doesn't mean the URL of the *live* site is required... post 
the pages to a staging address... it's safer for everyone at that 
point... and nicer...


i trimmed the part where you replied to someone else's post, since 
i'm only addressing your comments on my post...

> The purpose of the archives should be to allow people a knowledge base
> not for advertising ridicule of people's clients.

it is, but sometimes something comes through thelist and, well, 
people ridicule it, right or wrong...

it's a public forum...

your concern is valid, and it is noted, and it's already being 
discussed by the admin team, but since it's unlikely the posts 
themselves will be munged directly, please use discretion in how 
you post client sites in the future:
	- post to a staging address
	- pull it down once the comments are in

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