[thelist] Client Problem

the head lemur headlemur at clearskymail.com
Fri Mar 28 08:35:06 CST 2003

Welcome to the Information Superhighway!
Complete with historic roadmaps!

At it's core the internet is about sharing information, regardless of what
or where it is. This is an example of the power of that simple concept. By
posting it online the chances are pretty good that it can be found. How it
is found and how deep references to it go is constantly changing.

One of the greatest things about lists like this are the number of opinions
and solutions to a problem that you will receive. The breadth and depth of
possibilities is truly astonishing.

>From what started as a simple coding concern expanded into a discussion of
not only methods for achieving the solution, but also looked at and provided
viewpoints on some of the wider concerns of that particular solution.

One of the most antagonist things that is done is to decide to share
information and then create roadblocks to it.

That the discussion about the client site has more traction than the site
itself should tell you something.

Your current discomfort will pass.

the head lemur

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